Sunday, May 10, 2020

A couple more signs

I'm (virtually) back in Sarlat for the moment. Again, these are photos from a visit there back in 2006. I took several shots of signs in and around the city.

Two restaurants in Sarlat, April 2006.

The soggy weekend is well under way. It rained Friday evening and into the night, but I slept pretty well through most of it. We got a break on Saturday; I actually finished cutting the grass. The big rain is coming in today and Monday will be downright soggy. They're predicting the low temperature on Monday to be about 4ºC (about 39ºF). This after we've enjoyed a few days of t-shirt weather. Yikes!


  1. We had glorious summer-like weather for our first week of slightly eased restrictions. What a gift. Today is mostly cloudy and it looks like we've got clouds and rain for the next week. Anyway, the stone and tile work (and color) in that town is so rich. and elegant It's also fascinating how obviously French those signs are. They could have KFC logos on them (gasp, eaven forbid) and you'd still know you're in France.

  2. The whole town of Sarlat is such a beautiful photo op. Ditto Mitchell’s comments on the signs.

    And thanks for your information on the clary sage, I really must get some. I’m assuming it spreads a little but not like mint, right?

  3. I'm glad I got to see Sarlat in 2001. Your photo is excellent.

  4. It is nice to see individual restaurants. Everything around here is 'chain' or nearly so.

  5. mitch, don't forget les arches dorées (the golden arches). ;)

    bettyann, it reseeds itself. I think mint sends out lateral shoots.

    evelyn, it's definitely worth a look!

    judy, brrrrr...

    michael, it's getting more and more like that here, both French chains and American imports.


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