Friday, May 29, 2020

Vineyard view

It's beginning to look a lot like summer. The vineyards are leafing out and sending tendrils skyward. The support wires and posts are disappearing beneath the green. Soon we'll see the trimming tractors plying the rows, cutting back the vines to neat, rectangular shapes.

The tall grasses are getting mowed, parcel by parcel, this week. Yay!

Bert the cat got a clean bill of health at the vet's on Thursday. Weight is good, heart sounds good, no sign of lumps or growths. So he got his shot, a worm pill, and three months worth of flea and tick preventative. Bert turned fourteen years old two weeks ago. He's been living with us for ten years now.


  1. Very pretty scene.

    Way to go, Bert!

  2. Ten years already! I'm glad you were able to give Bert a good life.

  3. Being able to live in the house en famille has probably added to Bert's longevity.

  4. A healthy cat is a happy cat! Not to mention the rest of the family!
    He looks great; I'm sure his activity level has a lot to do with that as well!

  5. Most cats nowadays live until about aged 16. But - alas!- Bert is reaching the age when he will slow down, go outside less and stop patrolling (and defending) his territorial bounds. Roderick

  6. Good news about Bertie! I'm glad he is doing well and enjoying life with you all.


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