Friday, May 22, 2020


Our artichoke plants are doing their thing. There are three or four of these small artichoke flowers on the bigger of the two plants. We don't harvest them because there aren't enough to do anything with at this size, and when they get bigger, they're tough. Better to buy them from the market.

Two little artichokes. I'll leave them on the plants and the flowers will open later this summer.

Since Thursday was a holiday, we were prohibited from making noise except for two hours between 10h00 and 12h00. But that was more than enough time for Ken to do the final tilling in the vegetable garden plot and for me to mow the north 40. Today I'll be setting up the tomato supports and maybe even planting the seedlings.


  1. They’re such surprisingly beautiful plants. A prohibition on noise? Can you pass that ban to Fuengirola? Please? Construction above. Construction below. Weed walkers. Palm tree trimming. Argh! And after two months of almost complete silence, it’s an even bigger insult to our senses.

  2. I hope your garden does well this year. There are four houses being built near us and we hear hammering most days. It is fun to watch the houses go up despite the noise.

  3. I agree with Mitchell on the beauty of artichoke plants. A bird must have dropped some seeds in my garden several years ago and I had a couple of nice plants. Do you plant them every year or do they come back?

  4. mitch, it's a Sunday and holiday thing. The rest of the time it's business as usual. The past few days have been especially noisy because almost everybody in the hamlet is out cutting and trimming and weed-eating, including me. Gotta make hay while the sun shines!

    evelyn, it will all depend on the weather, as always!

    bettyann, the artichokes come back each year, but they are only two of the original four or five we planted.


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