Monday, May 25, 2020

Everything's coming up roses

At least, the roses are. These are on one of three rose plants in our yard, the very plants we divided so many years ago. They're really intense right now.

Hot pink roses.

I finally couldn't stand my long hair any more and I asked Ken to cut it off. He used a pair of hair clippers we got for Tasha (but haven't used on her yet) after not getting any results with my beard trimmer. The clippers cut more hair off than I was expecting, so now I have a close buzz cut. It looks a little funny, but it's neat and feels great. Sorry, we took no photos. The process was a little stressful but, happily, no blood was spilled.


  1. Walt.... I hope you aren't feeling ruff after your experience.... with a penchant for dunking dog biscuits in your wine??

  2. The vibrance of those roses is stunning. I usually do a buzz cut myself. But every so often I set the clippers (for humans) incorrectly and end up bald.

  3. Wonderful roses. A couple more months and I will be able to pull my hair back in a creepy old man ponytail.

  4. An important event like this and you took no pictures?! Will we ever forgive you? ;)

    Stunning roses. Are they fragrant?

  5. Glad you got a haircut! I've cut Lewis' hair with human clippers for years, I'm not sure about using dog clippers though- that was rather bold!

  6. The hairdressers here open tomorrow! My wife and I are booked for 8.00 am together. I shall stop looking like a 19th century savant, whose images show that they clearly saved lots of cash by avoiding the barber! Roderick

  7. There were news stories the other day about a haircutting place that reopened, the cutter was positive for the plague, and now hundreds of people must go back into quarantine. You did it the smart way.
    Besides, by the time we can go anywhere, it will have grown out again.

  8. lovely roses. all my purple iris are currently blooming.

  9. tim, there's an idea...

    mitch, I'm wearing hats out.

    travel, I was almost at that point.

    sheila, he's chicken. Actually, his hair doesn't look that long. Yet.

    bettyann, I suppose they are, but I haven't sniffed them lately.

    evelyn, they're the same as human clippers as far as I can tell.

    roderick, good luck!

    emm, I saw that in the news today. I wear a baseball cap when I go out. Ken says it looks fine, and it does, I'm just not used to it.

    anne marie, cool! Post a photo!


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