Thursday, May 28, 2020

With the wind

Gone, that is. The two dirt mounds on which poppies had flowered are gone. Poof! They were there one day, and the next, not. One of the five or so limestone piles has also been taken away. I don't have a clue as to what was done with them. I also noticed that, in the adjacent vineyard parcels, the uprooted vine trunks have been gathered into three or four HUGE piles, probably to make it easier to remove them. And yesterday, there were people working everywhere in the vineyards around us. Doing what? Frankly, my dear...

The two poppy mounds seen from across a field. They're gone now. The brown pile behind them is a pile of grape vine trunks.

Today Bert goes to the vet for his annual vaccination. He was supposed to go in March, but the vet postponed all vaccinations and other routine visits while we were under the confinement order. Bert also needs a worm pill and a new dose of flea and tick preventative. Next week, Tasha goes in for her regularly scheduled annual shots. So, now both animules are on the same vaccination schedule.


  1. Replies
    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking, chm. We were looking forward to seeing the lift off yesterday from our backyard but weather prevented it so it’s been rescheduled for Saturday.

  2. Mysterious goings on in your corner of the world, Walt!

  3. Too bad about the beautiful poppies but great news about one pile of rocks! Wonder where THAT was blown to.

  4. But...I do give a damn! Too bad about those darling scarlet poppies!
    Oh well.
    Nice to have Tasha & Bert on similar vaccination schedules! Easier to keep track, now.

  5. chm, it does look like a launch structure, doesn't it?

    bettyann, they're probably only mysteries to me...

    mitch, somewhere over the rainbow, to be sure.

    mary, scarlett poppies? Good one!


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