Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hi there

On my Friday morning walk with Tasha, she lagged behind a little (as she often does). I looked to my right and saw this between two rows of grape vines. The chevreuil (roe deer) froze and watched me. I stopped and slowly lifted the camera up. As usual, I had the wrong lens (100mm macro) on the camera for this kind of photo. As I moved on, Tasha caught up with me, but she didn't see the deer.

A roe deer in the tall grass between vine rows.

I'll be heading over to the Saturday market at Saint-Aignan again this morning for strawberries and asparagus.


  1. Beautiful! The roe deer will miss that row grass when it gets cut.

  2. What a beautiful, unexpected shot. How tall would you guess the deer to be?

  3. I have many deer around me, but all night (and it was a hot one!) I heard the turkeys. All night long!!!

  4. evelyn, I think you're right about that!

    bettyann, the top of the head is probably about 4 ft. They're small animals.

    mary, turkeys! The only turkeys here are on farms.

  5. Tasha does make me laugh. She misses a lot, doesn't she?


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