Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Poppies will put them to sleep

It's poppy season here in France. Here and there you can find whole fields of them painting the landscape in vivid red. Last fall, one of the grape growers dumped two piles of dirt not far from the other piles of limestone rubble I've already written about. Apparently, that dirt was full of poppy seeds.

Poppies blooming on a pile of dirt in a nearby field.

The poppies are amazing and they are confined to those two piles of dirt. If they're allowed to set seed, they could spread through the whole field. I think that would be really nice. Here's another view:

Another view.

Our central heating boiler is having its annual maintenance service this morning. The service was postponed from April. The company sent me a list of things I have to do to prepare for the technician's visit, including aerating the room where the boiler is, disinfecting the boiler's surfaces, and providing soap and water for the technician to wash his hands.


  1. Kind of that grape grower to dump seed-filled dirt to beautify that pile of rocks. Interesting that you're required to do all that for the technician. I wonder if they'd charge for that service if you said you were unable. Here, the service people take complete control (which actually makes more sense to me, because they then can be assured of their own safety). In any case, at least they're serious about taking precautions.

  2. That pile of dirt looks much better now! I hope the flowers are allowed to go to seed.

  3. We only have orange poppies in our yard - I like the red ones! I have also seen light pink ones in places.

  4. The red poppies are beautiful. I've only seen orange.

  5. Oh, I love seeing poppies!

  6. Smart that they ask you to do all of that. I hope that everyone will keep these kinds of things in mind, all around the world.

  7. My HVAC service people say they will wear full hazmat if required, which is fine with me.
    Best check on the other side of that pile of poppies, if the road beyond looks like it's made of yellow brick . . .

  8. mitch, yes, I do believe they will make arrangements if someone is unable to.

    bettyann, me too!

    sillygirl, I remember those from California.

    lori, I've seen some here, but mostly they're red.

    evelyn, poppies and colza flowers, sure signs of spring!

    judy, it's my Constitutional right not to disinfect my boiler! Don't tread on me! (cough, cough)

    emm, it's always best to start at the beginning... ;)


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