Sunday, May 24, 2020

In sheep's clothing

It looks like wool of some kind. It's saturated with a scent of some kind. Bags of "wool" like this one appeared on posts around one of the larger vineyard parcels out back a few weeks ago. Tasha was very curious, especially when we first saw them (I assume because the scent was fresh). They must be deer repellents, one of three strategies I've noticed out there. Two are scent-based, the third is the audible "wild animal noises" that we're enjoying at the moment.

Bags of stinky wool on alternating end-posts to keep deer away from the flowering vines.

Saturday morning started out rainy, but it got nicer through the afternoon. I did make it to the market, scored an excellent parking spot, and got strawberries, asparagus, and a flat of bell pepper seedlings for the vegetable garden. I also got the habanero pepper seedlings separated into individual pots. They're slow growers. For lunch, we grilled a spatchcocked (butterflied) chicken with a middle-eastern dry rub marinade. A deliciously productive day!


  1. Delightful day, thanks for sharing.

  2. It DOES sound deliciously productive.

  3. Market! Grilling! Growing! Eating! It's all so good :)

  4. Oh, to be able to visit a french market day! How do the french identify spatch-cocked or butterflied?

  5. someone is up to no good that's certain.

  6. bettyann, not bad!

    travel, :)

    mitch, it WAS!

    judy, did I mention there was wine? ;)

    mary, I think they call it "poulet en crapaudine."

    michael, hehe.


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