Thursday, May 21, 2020

Grape buds

Not to be confused with Grape Nuts, that crunchy American breakfast cereal. The grape vines are beginning to flower now. The flowers are tiny, almost imperceptible, each one of which will become one grape in the larger bunch. The little green grapes will start out about the size of these buds, but over the summer they will grow and change color, some becoming a pale yellow-green (sauvignon), others darkening to a deep red-purple (gamay or cabernet).

The white spots on the leaves are the residue of the Bordeaux mixture spray used to prevent fungus.

Our weather has turned hot. It's time to get the garden in before the heat breaks and the rain returns. That's what we'll be doing today, Friday, and Saturday. Ken wants to till through the garden plot one more time. Then I'll do some raking and will set up the tomato supports. After that, I'll be planting the seedlings, which are now yearning for more room to grow.

Our boiler maintenance visit went well. The technician spent just over an hour cleaning, adjusting, and replacing certain parts, and whatever else he does. We wore masks and kept our social distances. He signed the acknowledgement for me so I wouldn't have to touch the keypad and signature machine, and I got an email almost instantly with the receipt attached. All very safe and efficient. Now the boiler is ready for the next heating season.


  1. So uplifting to see. I never really understood Grape Nuts.

  2. Heeheehee, Mitchell and Judith! I have to remark about the gorgeous greens you've captured, Walt! Perhaps this is a shot the wine industry might be interested in to sell and inspire their industry! I really mean it! Something happened (probably me!) yesterday. I typed a response about your red poppies. Oh well. They are all over my neighbor's sidewalk strip and whenever I drive up or down my hill I get to enjoy all of her red poppies. Now, I will think of your new guests!

  3. mitch, judy, I liked grape nuts, but I never understood what, exactly, they are. I would look for them here, but I'm not much of a breakfast eater.

    mary, sometimes blogger has a hiccup and comments just disappear. It's not you, it's them!


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