Thursday, May 14, 2020

Bouncing around

Today we're back in Rocamadour in the Dordogne region of France. This cute little boutique, called Jour de Fête (Holiday), is just outside the town's gate at the southern end of the main street. I don't remember if we went inside or not.


I'm "bouncing" around because I don't have any new photos to share. It's been dark and rainy for a few days, but our weather should be improving through the weekend. It's time to start thinking about picking up where we left off with the outdoor chores, not the least of which is getting the vegetable garden planted.


  1. Tasha will be wanting another trim before we see the results of her last parlour visit!

  2. I'm so enjoying your old photos. What beautiful towns in France. The stonework is unlike anywhere else. We have either been starting recent days with rain and clouds or ending that way. Winds picked up about an hour ago and it just started to rain. Poor work crews are trying to install new terraces on three large restaurants on our street. They didn't get very far today.

  3. Bounce around all you like, Walt. I enjoy all your photos, current, old or in between.

    Are you really going to make us wait until next Tuesday to see Mme Chose? :(

  4. potty, not to worry! Her hair doesn't grow that fast...

    mitch, I'm tired of this air flow from the north. Too chilly!

    judy, I'm planning on Tuesday. Gotta take the photo first.

    bettyann, yup!

  5. We've been in that shop.
    Well I think so....we've been to Rocamadour and into many similar shops so it's very likely!


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