Saturday, May 09, 2020

Wheat in the well

Here's what our real fake well is looking like at the moment. The big plants growing around the well are clary sage. They came back from last year and are getting ready to make their flowers. You can see some purple campanules (bellflower) on the edges of the well. And in the middle is a small crop of some kind of wheat. It came up from seeds that birds threw out of the feeder that hangs above the well in the winter.

The grass is still very, very green, thanks to all the rain we've had this spring.

I think the wheat looks kind of nice. I'll rip it out when it starts to go brown. I've got some flowering plants ready to take its place.


  1. It looks beautiful right now. I'm somehow expecting you two to find something to do with the wheat...

  2. I’ve always liked your real fake well. It’s looking especially good now. You’ve written about the clary sage before but I don’t remember if you said you planted it or it was always there. If you planted it, was it from seed? I really like it, I should get some.

  3. The clary sage has obviously found a forever home. Hope you'll take photos when it's in bloom again. What are those white spikey shoots top right of the photo?

  4. mitch, teeny-tiny loaves of bread?

    bettyann, a friend gave Ken some plants a few years ago. They were originally on the south side of the house, then they started coming up from seed, so we dug them up and put some around the well last year.

    sheila, that's a volunteer iris. It just showed up there one year and I've never pulled it out.

    judy, :)

    lori, thanks!

  5. It looks like Spring Incarnate. Lovely.


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