Monday, May 04, 2020

Show me a sign

Here's another of the photos I took in the Dordogne region of southwestern France back in 2006. It's a restaurant sign. Metal signs like this one, probably made of fer forgé (wrought iron), are common in the region. This one's in the city of Sarlat, a wonderfully preserved (and restored) medieval town that is normally bustling with tourists. I wonder what it's like now.

The King's Mill. I don't think we ate there.

One of the things I like about this image is the simple line drawing of the moulin (mill) on the restaurant's awning. The name of the restaurant, Le moulin du roy, means The King's Mill. A mill is where grains are ground into flour regardless of how it's powered. A wind-powered mill can be specifically referred to as un moulin à vent.


  1. Doug and Betsy want to go to Sarlat. I had already been, and we didn't have time to fit it in during the last trip. Ça mérite un détour :)

  2. Good looking signs. Curious as to why roi is spelled roy.

  3. Love the photo. It does indeed look so French!

  4. mitch, thanks!

    judy, yes, I agree, it's worth a look.

    bettyann, "roy" is the old spelling. The two versions are pronounced the same.

    michael, oui!


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