Wednesday, May 06, 2020


Another dip into the photo archives from that 2006 trip to the Dordogne. We visited the famous pilgrimage town of Rocamadour, now a tourist mecca. This is the view of the town from where we entered the Alzou River valley. Legend has it that the body of a hermit who would later become Saint Amadour was found in a cave in the cliffs.

Rocamadour clings to the cliffs above the Alzou River.

And here's a closer view of the town. The big buildings built into the cliff face include the basilica of Saint-Sauveur and several subsidiary churches and chapels. You can climb up from the town's main street via a series of stairways to the religious sites and continue further to the medieval château at the top of the cliff, built in the middle ages to defend the religious sites below.

A zoomed in view.

I don't think we did the climb up to the very top. We had a nice lunch in the main part of town. Then we went back down to where the car was parked and drove up to the château to have a look from there.


  1. Very impressive. I'm not surprised it is so popular with tourists.

  2. Rocamadour, Schmocamadour... the real question is, were you able to get eggs today???

  3. Beautiful photo, I love the muted colors.

  4. Imagine building on a steep hill back in medieval times...
    Really a beautiful site that you've captured, Walt!

  5. thickethouse, yup.

    andrew, yup.

    mitch, yup.

    judy, yup!

    bettyann, yup.

    mary, yup.

    I'm feeling very brief today.


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