Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tasha Tuesday

A week ago today, Tasha went to the groomer's. It had been almost a year. For some reason, I didn't take her in last fall. We had an appointment in March, but that was postponed for obvious reasons. As we moved toward déconfinement, the groomer rescheduled us.

Tasha is clean and happy!

Last week I posted the "before" shot. So this, above, is the "after" shot, taken two days after her appointment. Her hair is a little shorter, less tangled, and much of her undercoat is gone. She got a bath, too, and her fur is noticeably cleaner and softer feeling. Still, the two photos don't really look all that different.

Tasha doesn't like it when I leave her at the groomer's. She knows she's going to be restrained and brushed hard. It's worth it from my point of view because I can't really brush her the way it needs to be done. I should be brushing her regularly, like at least once a week (maybe more), to keep her undercoat under control. Brushing would be easier if I kept it up. But, to paraphrase, the road to tangled fur is paved with good intentions.


  1. Very smart! I'm sure she feels better for it, even if she hates having it done.
    Hugo doesn't mind being groomed too much, but then he has to be done every six weeks so he's used to it. If we leave it longer than that it becomes a big job.

  2. Looking like she's about to collect her prize for best-groomed dog - which she'd deserve.

  3. Well, she looks beautiful. (Poor, suffering Tasha. What she has to put up with.)

  4. She looks lovely but not so different. Could you cut her fur really unfashionably for a dog short?

  5. She looks very pleased with herself, as she should. Pretty pup!

  6. She's a lovely fur baby.

  7. What we women will do for beauty!!! It's not easy being a woman, right, Tasha?
    You're worth it!!!

  8. jean, I sure feel better that it's done! :)

    raybeard, I'll pass that along to her! ;)

    mitch, not to mention all the treats and tasty food we force upon her...

    andrew, the groomer won't cut it shorter because Shelties are not supposed to have short hair and she was trained to cut them the "right" way. But I wouldn't mind a closer cut. It grows back, after all.

    bettyann, yup!

    evelyn, and quite huggable!

    mary, I wonder if the groomer uses l'Oréal... ;)

    1. Walt - I knew you would identify that phrase from l'Oréal!


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