Sunday, May 17, 2020


My trip to the Saturday market in Saint-Aignan was a success. All the usual vendors were there, spaced out a little more than usual in their new temporary (we'll see about that) location. I parked the car and went to my bank's ATM for some cash, all decked out in my mask and gloves. I had to take the gloves off to grab the cash and receipt, so I went back to the car and sanitized my hands with gel hydroalcoolique.

Ken's planning to make carrot top pesto with those carrot greens. The strawberries are "charlottes."

Most people at the market had masks, vendors and customers alike. People waited in line at one meter intervals and spirits were generally high. It helped that it was a nice sunny morning and the market was not yet crowded. I got the strawberries and asparagus that I wanted, along with some lettuce, carrots, a cucumber, and some garlic. I also stopped at a charcuterie truck and got some sliced ham. So lunch today will be a ham and asparagus tarte.

When I got back to the car I sanitized my hands again and drove up to the gas station. I filled the gas can for the mower and tiller. After paying and pumping, it was time for, you guessed it, sanitizing my hands again!


  1. I don't think the hand sanitising habit will ever leave me now. Good to hear it was a nice trip out.

  2. What a success! The produce looks great!

  3. Oh, all the sanitizing. As Art Carney said in an episode of The Honeymooners, "I'm sterile! I'm sterile." I need a ham and asparagus tarte. And now I'm going to try to go back to bed. The pill is kicking in. My head just hit the monitor!

  4. Your produce looks very good and I’m sure your lunch will be yummy. I hope that your brain will soon be able to tune out the nightly howls and growls. How distressing that must be!

  5. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a gorgeous head of lettuce like that. Our white-tail deer are so determined that they would just munch away probably thinking how interesting those howls were.

  6. oooooooooooooh, fresh strawberries! do I sense a strawberry shortcake being made?

  7. Nice looking market haul. The market is open in Old Town Alexandria, but I haven't been to it. It never closed.

  8. I hope the howls go away asap. Carrot top pesto is something I didn't know existed. Are your gas prices lower now?

  9. Oh, boy, that looks great! Good thing you have hand sanitizer :)

  10. What marvelous looking food! Proper food too.

  11. Hooray! Lunch sounds scrumptious!

  12. andrew, I know what you mean.

    thickethouse, and it was and continues to be tasty. We haven't done anything with the carrots, yet.

    mitch, I hope you didn't damage it. The monitor. ;)

    bettyann, last night, as the howling and growling went on, Ken had a brilliant idea: he closed the window.

    sheila, I wonder how well it works. I still see deer in the vineyards in the mornings.

    anne marie, oh yes! I have a good biscuit recipe that I use instead of making actual shortcake. It's quick and easy and yummy!

    travel, ours closed for about a month, but it's back now.

    evelyn, I'm not really sure... we haven't filled either (diesel) car in nearly 2 months, and I only buy gasoline once or twice a year for the mower.

    judy, yes, the pharmacy had it a few weeks ago. They asked us to bring the container back when we need a refill.

    michael, no rubbish!

    mary, it was! :)

  13. The monitor just got a forehead smudge and my forehead, amazingly, got nothing.


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