Saturday, May 23, 2020

Vegetable garden v.2020

The vegetable garden is (mostly) planted! I got in under the wire; we woke up to rain this morning. I put up the tomato tripods and planted twenty-four seedlings. I have seven varieties: three each of cœur de bœuf, corazon, cornabel, margold, homestead, and St. Pierre, and six romas. I also planted my two pumpkins (rouge vif d'Etampes and muscade) and two zucchinis.

The toms are in! The little wilted one on the left perked right up when I watered it.

I still have to transplant my basil into large pots for the deck, but I can do that in the greenhouse when they're ready (soon). Also, the habanero peppers are slowly growing and I'll put them into bigger pots this weekend. Next week I'll go to the garden center for some new bean seeds to plant along the fence/trellis. Then I have some flower seeds (cosmos and flax) that I want to sow here and there in the garden plot for a little color. But the big job (tomatoes) is done.


  1. Lots of tomato sauce in the future!

  2. I hope you were able to get to the market this morning. A new garden is always exciting!

  3. Exciting... and weed-free (for now)!

  4. And it begins! I wish you every success with your garden this summer!

  5. I look forward to watching your 2020 Victory garden grow!

  6. chm, if we're lucky!

    bettyann, yes and yes!

    mitch, I know. The weeds will come soon. I'm real good at growing them.

    thickethouse, thanks!

    evelyn, I'm sure there will be many updates. LOL!

  7. Good timing, Walt! As Ken mentioned, those seedlings were given an opportunity to adjust to outside gradually with the light rain. The curly stems are so fascinating. The varieties you mentioned in the beginning of the list are new to me. I assume those are ones you've planted previously. I think a more correct statement would be I only am familiar with romas!

  8. as always I am mad-jealous yet excited to hear about your toms.
    When I grew them I had similar spirochete stakes such as yours.

  9. spouse finally found a cherry tomato plant on saturday; it's already in the ground. we have 3 plants in the garden total.


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