Thursday, October 28, 2021

A little news

For lack of anything else to post today, here's a gratuitous shot of our living/dining room from last week.

A little distortion in the image exaggerates the length of the dining table. We still haven't done anything about replacing the curtains.

The new chainsaw arrived as expected yesterday. This morning I'll put it together and see if I can start it up. I would like to get some branches cut before the forecast rain over the weekend. This is a big holiday weekend in France (Toussaint, All Saints Day) but it looks like it might be a wet one.

The "news" is that we got a call from the deck contractor yesterday. Well, his wife. She does all the phone work for the company. She said her husband would be over in the next couple of days to take the final measurements before starting work. She asked us to go to a local building supply store and pick out the specific tile we want for the deck so he can order it. I'm allowing myself to be a little excited by this development!

I made some progress in getting the deck cleared off. The table and chairs are put away for the winter and I got the grill (mostly) cleaned up for the season as well. There are a few other things that we'll get put away over the weekend and then we'll be ready.


  1. Do you mean to say the photo of the living room is a free bonus gift?

  2. I see that Ken’s armchair is now red instead of blue. I like that color.

  3. That living area looks so warm and cozy, and it's beautifully decorated.

  4. What a view. Absolutely charming. Warm and inviting. Keeping a good thought for the deck!

  5. chm, haha!

    diane, thanks!

    mitch, judy, we need all the help we can get!

  6. I love that part of your house.


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