Saturday, October 02, 2021

More leaves

From what I can tell by watching, the grape harvest out back is winding down. There are a few parcels yet to be harvested, but most of the vineyards are done, including that small parcel of chenin I posted about on Wednesday. In the coming weeks, the freshly pressed juice will begin the fermentation process. It won't be long before we see fizzy bernache (grape juice that has just begun fermenting) in the supermarkets. Toward the end of November we'll see the first of the "new" wines, the most famous of which is Beaujolais nouveau. Our local vins primeurs aren't as widely known, but they're fun to drink nonetheless.

Interesting patterns emerge as the leaves' chlorophyll recedes.
There's a gardening correspondent on France 2 tv named Philippe Collignon. They call him "Chloro'Phil."

That rainy system is poised to move through our area tonight and tomorrow, but it will not be nearly as wet as originally predicted. At least not here. The central west coast and down south are another story.


  1. I had a notification that les pays de la Loire sont placés en vigilance orange inondations. Does that concern you?

  2. What a great place to live! I think I’ll have a fizzy bernache.

  3. The receding chlorophyll makes great patterns.

  4. chm, not really. Most of the rain will be west or south of us.

    mitch, coming right up!

    bettyann, yes!

    emm, haha.

  5. Around these part the NB arrival is a big to-do like a new harry potter book.


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