Friday, October 01, 2021

Limace rouge

I've posted photos of these critters many times before. This time of year, when the grass is wet with rain or dew, they are most visible. It helps that they're four of five inches long and that many of them are bright orange in color.

A European red slug in the damp grass.

Speaking of rain, and don't I always speak of rain, the weekend is forecast to be wet. Earlier this week, the long-range forecasts predicted a lot of rain, more than a month's worth on Sunday alone. Since then, the weather gurus have been dialing that back to a more modest amount. This happens quite often, by the way.


  1. Une limace, c’est aussi une chemise en argot.

  2. Blech! (My sister thought slugs were cute.)

  3. Hey, you used to live in California, which once almost named the banana slug as the official state mollusk.
    I know that slugs, like other repulsive creatures, have a place in the overall scheme of the planet, but I prefer that they stay in their place far away from me.

  4. chm, je ne le savais pas !

    mitch, judy, wimps! lol

    emm, the banana slug is the mascot of US Santa Cruz, if I'm not mistaken.

  5. I wonder why the color? Maybe it is a warning 'don't tamper with me !"


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