Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Hedges are done

The guys arrived on Tuesday morning and finished trimming the hedges pretty quickly. Then they took down two of the dead birches (two more to go!) and sawed them into lengths I can burn in the wood stove. Then the heavy equipment was delivered.

The hedges are done for another year. The heavy equipment being unloaded out back.

Heavy might not be the right word. The front loader/backhoe, steam roller, and mobile bucket all look like they're the size of Tonka trucks. They fit right in with the smaller scale of many French communities and they get the job done. The first thing the crew did yesterday was to scrape the top layer of stones from the garden path. We asked them to put the used stones under our carport. They did that gladly because it meant that they wouldn't have to load them and take them away.

Work begins on the big garden path. It already looks better than it did.

After that, they spent most of the day digging out about four to six inches of the path, then filling it in with a new base material and an anti-weed fabric. But I'm getting ahead of myself. More tomorrow.


  1. Well, it looks like they were worth the wait. The hedge is sheared perfection.

  2. What a neat job they (and you) are doing! The garden path looks terrific already.

  3. Isn't it exciting to have this transformation done!

  4. That hedge is just gorgeous!

  5. The hedge is amazing! It looks like you could skate on it.

  6. They've done a lovely job. And the path looks better, on its way to looking great.
    The space they opened up by removing the cypress looked big enough for you to put in a helicopter pad. You need one, right?

  7. mitch, good one!

    jean, we're happy!

    kiwi, they're very good about detail and clean-up.

    chm, :)

    judy, you can say that again!

    sillygirl, after years of thinking and planning (sort of).

    lynn, I love the way it looks before it starts growing back.

    chris, hmmm...

    emm, yes. And a pool. And a wine cellar. And a guest house. Did I mention a billiard room?


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