Friday, October 08, 2021


Halloween is coming up. What better excuse for a photo of a cemetery? This one is in Pescadero, California, USA, a small town on the coast south of San Francisco. We've been to Pescadero many times over the years, mostly to eat in a locally well-known restaurant famous for its cream of artichoke soup.

Pescadero Cemetery, August 2002.
I thought it would look spookier in black and white so I took the color out, except for the hot pink amaryllis that was blooming around many of the old headstones.

This photo is from 2002, when I went camping at nearby Butano State Park. Ken and our friend C. came over the hills from San José to spend the day with me and our friend S. Camping was not something C. did. Her idea of "roughing it" was a hotel without room service. We had a good day, a good meal, and a good time, after which S. and I went back to the campsite and Ken and C. went back to civilization.


  1. Great photo. I’ve never been to Pescadero (that I can remember).

  2. My idea of roughing it is staying at a Holiday Inn,

  3. The two cousins didn’t seem to have much in common except family!

  4. I'm with C on that one. My father thought it was wonderful to take all his kids camping in the Adirondacks. Lovely scenery, no hot water. Not for me.

  5. mitch, you'd probably remember.

    travel, ha!

    chm, they both liked to browse in the shops.

    emm, my family camped in the Adirondacks a lot when I was a kid. I liked it. :)

  6. I appreciate the spooky photos !


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