Tuesday, October 12, 2021

As easy as 1, 2, 3

The landscapers showed up on time Monday morning. Yay! They started working on trimming the hedges. When the boss arrived about a half an hour later, he and I did a tour of the yard to review what was being done. We added a couple of things that will help me out with other projects (among them, ripping out the little garden path).

The boss (in green) cut the branches with a small chainsaw. First he cut a slice, like a piece of pie.

Then he got the other guys off the hedge and they attacked the monster juniper bush on the north side. It didn't take long before the bush was reduced to its rather impressive stumps. The most junior of the workers was tasked with feeding all the cut branches into the grinder. It all became mulch.

Next, they cut more slices around until...

After that, they cut down the dead hazelnut trees and ground them up as well. The next step is getting the backhoe in to dig out the stumps. That was supposed to happen yesterday, but for some reason the backhoe was not delivered as expected (they rent the heavy machinery from a local company). Maybe they'll get it today.

...nothing remained but the stumps. We've been talking about taking this out for years, and now it's almost gone.

Meanwhile, the two employees spent the rest of the day working on the hedge. They're very nearly done and should be finished up today. There are still four trees to take down, including the birches in these photos, and the renovation of the big garden path to do. I'm so happy they showed up and got started. What was all that stress about?


  1. You must have been so relieved yesterday when they arrived! I know I am. I thought about you often yesterday. Your garden is going to double in size and in sunshine (whenever you have any). That juniper WAS a monster.

  2. Relax, have lunch and a glass of wine, it will all happen in time.

  3. You had every reason to be stressed in view of the promises made and the failure to fulfill them! Roderick

  4. Good news! Yikes, that juniper patch is enormous!
    At age 30, Tony used a pickaxe to tear out a similar patch at our house. He enjoyed it, but once was enough.
    Glad the landscapers finally showed up, but what a hassle.

  5. Are you going to plant a fruit tree where the stomp of the cypress is ?

  6. I got to see this in reverse order.


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