Thursday, October 14, 2021

The path to victory

The yard work continued on Tuesday and the entire garden path got scraped down by about six inches. Then a layer of anti-weed fabric went down, topped with a base layer of crushed granite (at least that's what they called it).

The main garden path, halfway through the scraping.

It all looked pretty spiffy at this point, but there was more to do. As it got late, the guys stopped work on the path and took the backhoe thing back over to where they had removed the juniper on Monday. Within thirty minutes they had most of the roots out of the ground, including the huge main trunk of the beast.

Meanwhile, back at the juniper... the roots are gone!

The boss operated all of the heavy machinery. The employees worked on raking, picking up the debris and loading it into the truck to be hauled away. The youngest guy got all the worst of the grunt work, but I guess that's the way it goes.

Tasha inspects the fabric and granite layers after the guys packed up for the day.

When the juniper was done, the boss took the backhoe thing over to where the hazelnut trees were and dug up those roots as well. I'll have photos of that soon. They finished up around 18h30 and quit for the day. Stay tuned for more tomorrow!


  1. Wow, what a progress! Looks very good!

  2. The path looks very nice. Is it finished or are they going to put another layer of something?

  3. I don’t know about you, but Tasha and I are really excited!

  4. Wow! I’ll bet the part of your yard where the juniper was looks spacious now! That thing was huge!

  5. Tasha seems to be an excellent supervisor.
    I'll bet the boss is thrilled with jobs like yours, gives him an excuse to play with the fancy toys.

  6. jan, thanks. We're excited to finally get it done.

    chm, not finished in these photos. It will be topped with mignonette, tiny gravel.

    judy, :)

    mitch, ha!

    lynn, yes, and unruly. All kinds of brambles grew in it, and who knows what critters lived there!

    mary, :)

    michael, thanks!

    emm, I think he had a good time. LOL!


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