Saturday, October 30, 2021

Lend me your ears

The two mysterious cornfields up among the vineyards are still standing. The stalks are turning brown and some of the ears are beginning to show their niblets. I've noticed that, down in the valley, most of the cornfields have been harvested. I wonder when (and if) these two little parcels will get harvested. Is it a local farmer who's growing his own feed corn for a few animals, or is someone just planting for fun? Or appearances? I may never know.

Corn kernels peeking through the husk.

Tonight's the night we go back to Central European Winter Time and change our clocks back one hour. Joy. The EU has not yet got it together to decide to stop the changing of the clocks. I guess dealing with the pandemic put other issues on the back burner. And I read that not all EU countries agree on whether to stay on Summer Time or on Winter Time. France voted to stay on Summer Time, which is fine with me. Maybe next year.


  1. So, tomorrow, you’ll be closer to us by one hour and vice versa. How nice!

  2. Thanks for the reminder about DST! Yep, I thought this would be the year it ended. The photo is a stunner.

  3. I don't ever know when we change clocks until the Saturday of, and I also don't know the difference between Daylight Savings Time and Standard time... which is when? LOL

  4. I hate the changing of the clocks. It goes dark one hour earlier in the afternoon, which is miserable and we don't get lighter evenings back for five whole months. That's nearly half a year spent indoors behind closed curtains. Yuk.

  5. Corn on the cob is not a French thing.

  6. Spring forward, Fall back. But it's something that was instituted for farmers, supposedly, during WW2. It's long past time to pick one and stick with it -- not only are twice-yearly changes annoying to we, the people, but they cost businesses lots of $$.

  7. chm, it always confuses me.

    mitch, I was hoping...

    chris, haha!

    judy, I think Standard is in the winter. It's easier to remember in Europe because they're called Summer Time and Winter Time.

    jean, but it's lighter in the morning!

    chm, I know. It grows in little cans here.

    michael, oh, the horror!

    emm, I used not to care, but as I age it gets more annoying.


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