Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Carport birch

We have this somewhat rickety old carport out front. It was built by a relative of the neighbors across the road several decades ago. I used to cut and store firewood under it until we got a second car. Now the newer car lives in the garage and the older car stays under the carport.

After. The dead tree was just to the right of the carport.

At three of the carport's corners, somebody planted trees. One is an ornamental weeping some-kind-of-fruit that makes beautiful pink blossoms in the spring. The other two are weeping birches, one of which died a couple of years ago. I asked the landscaping crew to take it out as part of their work last week.

Before. The dead tree and some little volunteers that I will remove soon.

The tree is now gone and the space looks a little better. There's still some trimming work to do to get weeds and other trees out of the ivy ground cover that surrounds the carport. The carport itself needs some work to secure the sheet metal roof on its windward side. The roof flaps wildly when the wind blows. I've stabilized it temporarily with some concrete blocks to keep it from flying away. They guy who's going to do our deck renovation is also a roofer, so I'm planning to ask him if there's something he can do (besides tear the whole thing down).


  1. Too bad about the roof. The rest of the carport has aged well. It must be so satisfying to see all your garden improvements.

  2. I’m sure the roofer will find a way to secure the roof. This rustic carport is very pleasant looking and it would be a shame to tear it down.

  3. What a relief to be getting all of this work done (and before winter). I hope the porch guy shows up :)

  4. Birches are such pretty trees, but fragile and not very long-lived. Good for making canoes, though.

  5. mitch, it is, given how long we waited.

    chm, if he ever shows up, I'll get the chance to ask!

    judy, us, too!

    emm, I can row a boat. Canoe? LOL


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