Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Hazelnuts no more

When we moved into this place a little over eighteen years ago, about a dozen noisettiers (hazelnut trees) lined the northern property line out in what I call the west forty. In the spring of 2013, we had them cut down to hedge height.

Before. The dead hazelnuts. A couple of them had been cut down to the roots in recent years.

Now, at least half of them have died, likely from the persistent drought conditions that have built in over time. At least, that's the opinion of the landscaper for the reason we and others are losing so many trees and shrubs right now.

Before. Another view of the condemned hazelnuts. the green you see is mostly invasive blackberry brambles.

So, as part of this year's work, the landscaper took out the line of dead hazelnut trees/shrubs and their roots. We never got any nuts from the trees. The weevils bored into most of them, ruining them for eating. I'm sorry to see them go, but not sorry at the same time. Cutting the grass between them and the fence was a real pain. And, each year, thorny blackberry brambles used them as a support and needed to be cut back. That was a necessary but so-not-fun chore each year.

After. All gone.

The other half-dozen or so hazelnut trees are hanging on (although one of those has died as well). They'll probably have to come out in the near future.

After. The other view. No more roots. Mowing along the fence will be a lot easier now.


  1. What a pleasure maintenance will now seem. The landscaper was worth the wait.

  2. Many years ago a neighbor gave us a hazelnut bush. But once it started having nuts the squirrels and Canada Jays fought over them before they were even ripe leaving a mess on the sidewalk. Finally a year or so ago we cut it and had workmen in the area that were removing stumps take out the roots. Now a neighbor has a tree he thinks is lovely. It is only a matter of time before he discovers the downside.

  3. mitch, agreed. It's still a lot of work to maintain, but maybe it will be a little easier from now on.

    judy, yeah!

    sillygirl, I had high hopes (I love hazelnuts), but they were unrealistic. I leave the growing to the pros and get my hazelnuts at the market.


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