Thursday, October 07, 2021

The garden plot

This is the state of the vegetable garden as we move toward winter. I still need to pull the zucchini plants out. And those cosmos will come out, too, as they begin to die. The greens, kale and chard, will stay and hopefully produce a crop later this fall. They like the chilly weather.

What's left of the 2021 vegetable garden.

I took the trellis fence down as I do every year, but this time I also took the posts out. I'm thinking I'll move the trellis further into the plot (as opposed to along the back edge) and grow tomatoes against it. I've noticed that with the curly metal stakes I use, the tomato plants tend to slide down as they get heavy. By attaching them to the fence, they should get more support. The weather will decide when  (and if) the plot gets tilled before winter.


  1. Before you know it, it will be tomato time again :)

  2. So, now you will have a garden of kale and chard which you will enjoy.

  3. Glad to know you’re already planning for next year.

  4. Reading your blog, I can see how it really does monitor your activites and is a reminder for you for the future garden!
    Good idea about the tomatoes tied to the fence!

  5. I see kale in your future. :-)
    Hoping next year's tomatoes are better.

  6. judy, I hope next year's weather is better for tomatoes.

    bettyann, let's hope so.

    mitch, you know what they say about the best laid plans...

    mary, it is a good way to keep track of certain things.

    emm, me too!

  7. time to put away the garden. Every year I appreciate these photos; I get to garden virtually this way.


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