Monday, October 25, 2021

A room with a view

Regular readers will recognize this view from our guest room window. The vineyards stretch out toward the west from our little hamlet, bordered on the north and south by stream beds that carve deep ravines as they descend toward the river. Those ravines are where the woods grow and where a lot of our wildlife lives.

The dirt road winds its way westward from our little hamlet.

The vineyards' fall colors are mostly yellow and gold, but there are traces of bright red here and there. The show is subtly different each year, but never boring. The parcel just in front of the cabin in this photo is being dug up right now. If you look closely, you can see that the canes and their leaves are gone. The vines in that parcel are old and there are a lot of empty spaces where dead vines have been removed in recent years. The parcel will be replanted with sauvignon blanc (that's what's there now) according to one of the guys who works out there, probably in a year or two.


  1. The roof definitely needs some paint! Rust is not especially photogenic!

  2. You definitely need to rent a log splitter. Not an easy device to transport without a trailer I would think, however.

  3. Very beautiful scene. I like the rust. I'm feeling a little rusty myself at times ;-)

  4. What a charming view. Our guests will either want to stand at the window and take in the beauty OR get outside and experience it.

  5. chm, I don't see that getting painted any time soon!

    judy, :)

    sheila, I can't find any for rent in our region. And I can't really justify buying one.

    evelyn, me too!

    mitch, or both!


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