Monday, October 11, 2021

Fall weather

The weather has been pretty decent over the past week. We're having single-digit (chilly) mornings. I could see my breath in yesterday's early morning chill. But the days are mild and mostly sunny. Typical of the "nice" days of fall. Fall can be crappy, too, of course. We'll take all the good days we can get.

Fields and vines and woods.

Sunrise today is at 8h08. Right about the time that the landscape contractor said he would show up. Here we go again...


  1. I hope the landscape contractor is already feverishly working!

  2. "waiting for godot' may be more like it.

  3. Maybe he forgot it was a holiday: Indiginous

    People Day - in Oregon it is officially changed!

    1. We don’t celebrate Christopher Columbus in France. What is People Day, Mary?

    2. CHM - Christopher Columbus NEVER even stepped a foot in the United States. He thought he had discovered America but he did not! The American Indians were here first and then the English colonists arrived and "discovered it".
      Indigenous People's Day is a conversion from "Columbus" Day to honor the Native Americans who were the oriinal settlers in America! I think there may be 19 or so of our States to have made that declaration for the first time this year! That number needs to be researched...I will report back!

  4. mitch, he was!

    judy, you got it. And I hope it continues.

    evelyn, thanks!

    michael, godot arrived. Finally.

    mary, I forgot it was "that" day, too. But not here. Our next holiday is Toussaint, Nov. 1.


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