Monday, October 04, 2021

In the pink

October is when le fusain (common spindle) puts on a bright pink display of berries. I hardly notice these plants until they set fruit. Later, the berries will open to reveal bright orange seeds. What a show!

Spindle at woods' edge.

The last communication I got from the landscape contractor was on 31 August saying that he would be here at 8h00 on 4 October. That's today, two hours from when I'm typing this. I need to get the car out of the driveway and park it across the street before they get here. The sky is clear. No rain. So I'm assuming (always a gamble) that he and his crew will show up.

UPDATE: 8h40 9h00 10h00. So far, no show. No call.


  1. Oh, I hope the landscaper doesn‘t let you down.

  2. No! That's just horrendous. Is this the same guy who was going to do your deck, too?

  3. I hope the contractors show up! I saw that plant's seeds on a walk this weekend. I call it "hearts a busting" or strawberry bush. I'm glad to know its proper name!

  4. Just discovered the plants are cousins, both are Euonymus. One is americanus and yours is europanaes.

  5. Cool photo!
    The landscaper. What a creep.

  6. I think the only acceptable excuse the landscaper can give you is that he was at a funeral this morning, his own!

  7. Oh, sorry to hear about the landscaper no-show problem. I hope as I am typing this that the problem has been resolved.

  8. 'waiting for the electrician or someone like him'

  9. This is a bit like the bad old days when you needed something done relative to your phone and had to wait for the service person from Ma Bell whose appearance was promised for sometime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Maybe. New Yorkers could also substitute in Con Ed in the waiting for Godot slot.

  10. mitch, oh well. He did.

    judy, no, different company. Same result.

    evelyn, cool!

    chris, he's really a nice guy. We've never had this problem with him before.

    bettyann, we've been hearing that because of the weather, many contractors have fallen behind. I'm trying to be patient.

    michael, not yet. Hope springs eternal!

    michael, I'd settle for someone like him at this point.

    emm, or any cable tv company.


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