Friday, October 29, 2021

California dreamin'

I'm digging back into old photos again for lack of anything new. This is the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay, just down the coast from San Francisco. It was brand spankin' new when I took this photo in 2002. Of course, I've never stayed there. I don't golf. And it's way too Ritzy for me (see what I did there?). I slept on the ground in a tent just down the road.

I don't know who the guy in the golf cart is.

So, we haven't seen the deck guy yet. He still could come today, otherwise it will be after the holiday weekend. Tuesday at the earliest. Sigh. The new chainsaw works perfectly well and I got started cutting birch branches on Thursday. It's going to take me a while.


  1. What a great photo. I hate to say it, but I thought the guy in the cart was He Who Shall Not Be Named.

    1. Would you mean Loser XLV by any chance?

  2. At first, I thought you had gone to Ireland to play golf at one of the Former’s lousy golf courses.

  3. A man and his tools - a happy combination.

  4. I don't think I've ever stayed at a camp ground with a view of a golf course let alone a Ritz Carlton lol. Only in California! I hope you find a way to get those logs split. We've rented splitters twice- they require a hitch for towing.

  5. I first say Half Moon Bay long, long ago, before it was developed or inflicted with a golf course. Hate to think what it must look like now.
    And get off my lawn.

  6. mitch, chm, his hair is too dark.

    sillygirl, at first I thought you were referring to the guy in the golf cart... ;)

    evelyn, nobody rents them around here. :(

    emm, it doesn't change much, but it does change.

  7. I had lunch once with Ken in a restaurant on the road in Half Moon Bay. I’m almost sure it wasn’t the Ritz Carlton!

  8. With a chainsaw it is prudent to take your while.


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