Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Greens and golds

This is another view from our guest room window, zoomed in on the hedge and the cylindrical bay laurel in the southwest corner of the yard. Not much to say about it, except that I'm enjoying the color. As winter approaches the golds will fade to browns and the leaves will tumble. The hedge and the grass stay green through the winter, as do the fir trees, of course.

Our version of fall color.

Speaking of winter, I've had a couple of fires in the wood stove already. Just to take the chill off. But the weather gurus are predicting a warming trend this week. I want to take advantage to cut up some of the birch branches the landscaper left us (as opposed to splitting the trunks; that's another chore). I can burn the branches in the stove when it gets cold again.


  1. The gold tones are so rich. I love what the landscape gardener did with that corner shrub connecting the high and low hedge.

  2. I’m confused (as usual, you might say!). Are those bushes above the Laurel tree next to the pond? Did they grow in the last few years?

  3. We had one wood stove fire last week, to take the chill out of the air… two days ago it went up to 80F again LOL. But, then huge storms rolled through, and we’re back to the 50sF. Definitely feels like fall.

  4. mitch, that's the bay laurel. It was once pointed, but I can't get them to understand that I want the point back, so it's rounded off.

    chm, those are small trees and they've always been there, but I'm sure they've grown since you saw them last. :)

    judy, it does here as well. 80? Yikes!


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