Thursday, September 29, 2022

A closer look

Here's another view of the Chapelle Saint-Hervé in Brittany. I wanted to see inside, but it was closed up tight.

Chapelle St.-Hervé, Menez-Bré. Digitized color slide, January 1992.

I'm falling behind with my banking paperwork. I haven't balanced the bank accounts since early August. There's a stack of receipts from the grocery store and other retail outlets that need to be entered into the register. Most of the regular bills go in automatically, but I still hand-enter the rest. It's probably old fashioned, but balancing the accounts every month is reassuring and makes me feel more in control. I've been using the same MS Money software since 2004. Does anyone else balance their "checkbook" any more?


  1. No checkbook to balance here and we appear to be a bit (quite a bit) more casual (irresponsible) when it comes to our money management.

  2. No, I don’t, but if my father were still alive, he’d be horrified!

  3. I began balancing my checkbook back in my teens when it only took a few minutes to verify how little money was in the account. I continue to do it today as "checking" is more complicated by automatic debits (health insurance, dental insurance, etc.) and various automatic deposits that would have been done in years past by depositing checks at the bank or by mail. Glad I got into the habit when I was younger.

  4. We don't balance ours anymore. I was terrible at it. My father was gifted in math and kept his balance in his head- I didn't get those genes. I admire anyone who uses quicken or such programs- they know where their money goes.

  5. I verify my banking statement intermittently during the month as I use my debit and credit cards for almost all purchases. Yesterday I had to write a check and I had to go to the website to check the balance! My Mother would be shocked.

  6. Haven't used a chequebook in years, but I do have a simple spreadsheet to paste in my bank transactions (which I can access online to copy), make a simple breakdown between types of expenditure, and crucially do a rough projection forward to 12 months, just to see if I'm at risk of overspending and where in particular (so far, no such problems, but you never know).


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