Thursday, September 22, 2022

Walk on the wall

Another old photo from Saint-Malo on the Breton coast. The wall around the old city has a great walkway on top and we took a stroll along the sea side section. That's Ken a little ahead of me carrying my camera bag while I hung back taking pictures. He does nice things like that all the time.

Wall walking in Saint-Malo. Digitized color slide, January 1992.

I got out and mowed the north forty yesterday afternoon. The sun was out the air was cool and it felt good to get it done once again. Today's goal is to cut the south forty. I'm targeting Friday for the west, but first the apples will have to be picked up. Again.

This morning I'm heading over to the vet's office for some vermifuge (worm medication) for Bert. He gets a worm pill every few months. I'll take Tasha with me and get her weighed while I'm there. She's really lost a lot of weight on her diet.


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