Friday, September 23, 2022

Caught in the act

The grape harvest is winding down in the vineyards around us. Yesterday morning, a harvester picked more grapes just beyond our back gate. I grabbed the camera as they were emptied into a waiting trailer for transport to the winery down the road.

Taken from the den window. If you look closely, you can see the purple grapes pouring into the blue trailer.

This morning, around 06h30, the harvester and the tractor/trailer were back. More grapes are being picked in the vineyard parcel to our north. There's still a huge parcel a little farther east to be done. I wonder if they'll go there next.


  1. And the seasons, they go round and round....

  2. mitch, soon to be wine...

    judy, Circle Game?

  3. I like the notion of hand-picked grapes done by folks out of a Gauguin painting.


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