Monday, November 13, 2023

I tawt I taw a bunny wabbit

I did! I did taw a bunny wabbit! While walking with Tasha in Vindelle, I saw this in a small square in town. I didn't have the right lens to take a good photo from this far away and I was afraid the dog would scare the rabbit away. It looks like a domestic rabbit to me. I wonder what it was doing out like this?

As soon as I snapped this, we turned and went the other way. I didn't want Tasha to bark like crazy so early in the morning.

Many people in rural France keep rabbits. And chickens, too. The answer to the question "Pets or meat?" is, well, meat. Just in case you're wondering, the rabbits we eat come from the market. I couldn't kill a cute wittle bunny wabbit.


  1. Aww... yeah, you sure don't usually see black bunnies in the wild (I don't think?).

  2. Probably an escape artist on the loose.

  3. judy, right? I wondered if it was fake, or a stuffed toy, but it moved.

    evelyn, I think you might be right!


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