Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Table for two

During our walk through Verteuil, we found a street that led to a bridge over the Charente. Looking downstream from the bridge, I noticed this little scene. Directly above it is a restaurant called Jeux de Pots, so I assume that this table belongs to it. Access is through a portal in the retaining wall. What I don't know is whether this little table is actually used by the restaurant or if it's just part of the décor.

Waterfront table for two. That table looks too small to be used for meal service. Maybe apéritifs?

We had quite a strong rain shower over night. I don't remember exactly when it went through; maybe some time around midnight. It pounded the roof for a while (about ten minutes or so) and then stopped as abruptly as it had started. When it was over, the clouds parted and the just-after-full moon shone bright again.


  1. I'll hazard that that's a "staff smoking point" so that chef etc can smoke outside the restaurant... or perhaps, they do fresh trout?

  2. The moon was beautiful last night...

  3. tim, hehe!

    evelyn, it sure is bright!

  4. I would enjoy a drink at that little table.


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