Tuesday, January 30, 2024


I'm pretty sure that this is Bonnieux, one of the famous villages perchés in the Luberon region of Provence. It's at the north end of one of the few roads through the mountains, connecting Bonnieux to Lourmarin and Lauris in the Durance valley to the south.

Bonnieux, Provence. Digitized color slide, September 2001.

Yesterday, I received my ballot for California's primary election in March. As as an overseas American citizen, I'm eligible to vote in the last US jurisdiction I lived in. In my case, that's in San Francisco, so I can vote in local, statewide, and federal elections in that district.


  1. I've got my ballot, too. That village has a similar look to the Spanish pueblos blancos.

  2. So happy to know you are registered to vote! We are too. Looking toward November with trepidation. Perhaps there is hope that Trump's supporters will abandon him as he keeps losing all of his legal battles?

  3. I'm thinking Canada (if I have to move if TFG (The former guy) is reelected) - France would be nice but not hospitable to inheritance taxes. I bring it up everyday about voting blue and my reasons why. Everyone needs to do this, if we are to make a win for democracy. I am really amazed how many people 'stick their head in the sand' and refuse to keep up with the politics. It is their future and living conditions that are at stake (and definitely mine!).

  4. Yes, definitely Bonnieux! Such a pleasant afternoon we spent walking up the hill to that church and enjoying the view, then stopping at a small patisserie and sharing a tarte de citron! I will be thinking of that time all day. Merci, Walt!

  5. mitch, but much less blanco!

    travel, yes. The ballot has to get back to the US before election day.

    evelyn, yes they do!

    anon, San Francisco is a very blue city.

    kiwi, it's all very nerve wracking, and the news coverage is only going to get louder. Yuck.

    mary, I really like lemon tarts. I've even made a few. :)

    1. One cannot go wrong with a lemon tart - even here in Oregon! I, too, have tried my hand at baking them! But the thrill of sharing time with a friend in a small bakery or cafe is my preference.


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