Saturday, January 20, 2024

Swan River

Well, that other word was taken. And besides, it really is a river, une rivière in French. After a run of just under 300 kilometers, the Yonne empties into the Seine not far upstream from Fontainbleau, south and a little east of Paris.

A swan is "un cygne" in French. Digitized color slide, Auxerre, September 2001.

Still wintry here, but with no precipitation. This morning it's -3ºC at the house, probably a little colder out in the vineyard.


  1. You can tell who the star is of that ballet. Great reflections. I'm quite happy to not have to worry about below zero temps for a while.

  2. That reflection looks like an oil painting. Beautiful!

  3. Oh, the composition of that photo is so wonderful!

  4. I like that 'chopped up' reflection. Must be some extra-special techniques you employed?

  5. mitch, I'll bet you are!

    bettyann, :)

    judy, thanks!

    mary, I don't think so. I did adjust the light and color a little.

  6. Recently the constellation Cygnus the Swan as gone below the horizon for 6 months.


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