Thursday, January 18, 2024

Two churches in Auxerre

The first photo below is the abbey church of Saint-Germain d'Auxerre. Not far away is Auxerre's cathedral of Saint-Etienne (second photo below). Both churches are built on a bluff over the Yonne River in the central part of the city. We didn't really get close to either building let alone walk around them. I have no photos of that if we did. These photos were taken from down on the riverfront.

Those black dots in the sky are birds, not dust. Abbey Church of Saint-Germain d'Auxerre. Digitized color slide, September 2001.

I'm kind of disappointed in the quality of some of these photos. I'm sure I was using a Canon SLR and the film was Kodac Ektachrome. The colors are not very vivid. In fact, they're kind of muted in many of the shots; others, not so much. It could just be my evolving photography "skills." There's also a lot of dust on the slides (I don't know why because they're boxed) and even after brushing and using an air ball to blow it away, much dust remains. I try to eliminate it with software, but not always successfully.

Cathedral of Saint-Etienne d'Auxerre. Those black dots in the sky are dust. Digitized color slide, September 2001.

The weather is doing its thing. We had a mild day yesterday, but the cold is coming back today and we're expecting below-freezing temperatures through the weekend. It is winter, after all.


  1. What an elegant building. I thought the black dots were birds!

  2. Nice example of flying buttresses... we're in the Cathedrals unit in French 4 right now... maybe I'll add in this photo :) You and Ken have been very helpful today ;)

  3. Yes, it is winter after all !


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