Wednesday, January 10, 2024


I know I posted this photo back in 2016, but what the heck. I'm not getting any new shots while it's this cold and dark outside. This is downtown Albany, NY, the state capital. You can see the red-roofed capitol building at the top of the hill and the green-roofed Alfred E. Smith state office building tower rising behind it.

State Street at Broadway, Albany, NY, May 2016.

Today we're expecting a delivery of home heating fuel, fioul in French. Our delivery window is between 07h00 and 13h00. It doesn't get light until about 08h30, so I'm hoping the truck doesn't show up before then. Once the fuel is pumped into the tank, it needs to settle for about an hour before we can turn the boiler back on. I hope to get a fire going in the wood stove by then.


  1. So, is fioul used just for home heating oil, or is the general term for fuel in other situations? Not that I can actually think of another situation where we use the word fuel literally ...ha!

  2. Wow, it doesn't get light until 8:30? Here in Virginia, it is around 6:45. I grew up in Northern NY, near Lake Placid, so I am very familiar with Albany.

  3. Lewis and I have wonderful memories of our only visit to Albany. I had two houses growing up. One used coal and the other fuel oil like you have. The second one was changed at some point to electric I think.

  4. I remember this from 2016. Was surprised at how much Albany had changed since I was last there in the ‘70s.

  5. And what is the building with the beautiful decoration on the dome?

  6. judy, I think it's normally for just heating fuel. Jet fuel is kérosène, diesel fuel is diésel or gazole.

    michael, we're gaining two minutes of daylight each day now. Whee!

    evelyn, it was fun! My grandparents switched from feul oil to natural gas a long time ago.

    mitch, tell me about it! I left in 1981.

    bettyann, that's an old, but gorgeous, bank building, Albany Trust Company (I don't think they exist any more), now the home of the Research Foundation for the State University of New York. Here's the address for the Wikipedia article about the building:


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