Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A burst of yellow

Our backyard forsythia is at its peak right now. I trimmed it into a ball shape last spring, after it bloomed. Since then, some spikes grew upward from the top. I should have trimmed them off last fall to maintain the ball shape, but I never did, so the ball is not perfect.

The forsythia on Monday afternoon. This year, I plan to trim it back by about half so it will be easier to mow underneath.

There's another forsythia to the right behind the apple tree. It's got some problem and doesn't bloom much any more. Two years ago we noticed a good amount of fungus growing on the wood at ground level. I'll probably rip the whole thing out this year or next.


  1. Rip it out NOW...
    just in case the fungus attacks the other beauty!

  2. I like that shape. Kinda like a tear drop. And you can just tell people that's what you intended.

  3. pretty; spring has certainly arrived in your corner. in MY corner is more snow that fell yesterday; still no flowers. :(

  4. Looks amazing, even with the flames shooting out the top. I've never seen such a big, full Forsythia, I don't think. Cool :)

  5. I associate this colour with April; for in the midwest these bushes would bloom and the ubiquitous yellow said 'April!"

  6. tim, probably a good idea.

    stuart, um, yes, it is. Exactly.

    ellen, yup.

    anne marie, winter's last gasp?

    judy, it's much bigger than it was ten years ago, and I trim it nearly every year.

    michael, it's always one of the first big splashes of color in the spring.

  7. NO! NO! NO! It's beautiful as it is!!

  8. I DO miss forsythia in spring. Yours is especially glorious and I love the shape.


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