Sunday, March 30, 2014


We're expecting high temperatures around 20ºC (high 60s F) for the next few days. I got more grass cut on Saturday so that most of the yard has now been done. The section that I call the north forty remains to be cut. That's where the little prairie of primroses is and they're still in bloom, so I think I'll wait a little more before cutting them down.

This sign identifies the workshop (atelier) of a car dealership in the Southern Touraine.

I will certainly take advantage of the warm weather to get some other chores done. Mainly, I want to power-wash the deck and the PVC fencing between the house and our road. I'll probably do that tomorrow, as using power tools outdoors is not allowed on Sunday afternoons.

Today is also the second round of municipal elections. I don't think there will be voting in our town, however, because the current slate of candidates was elected outright in the first round last weekend. Ken talked briefly with our mayor yesterday over the fence and she told him, "Je continue." We think that means that she will continue on as mayor for another term (six years). In small towns, the mayor is not directly elected but chosen by the council after the election.


  1. it has been in the 50s F and raining the past 2 days here. and STILL I have no flowers, nor any signs of spring.

    I see you are going to be "flying solo" for a short time. you have us and the furkids to hang with until ken returns.

  2. I enjoy hearing about the goings-on in France; the bits of about how politics is done is most fascinating.

  3. "In small towns, the mayor is not directly elected but chosen by the council after the election."

    I believe that's how the Mayor of Paris is chosen also ( council made up of the different arrondissements)

  4. anne marie, it'll come!

    michael, sometimes the results are ok, too!

    t.b., I didn't know...


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