Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Shadow knows

You can see what's behind the gate, but who knows what evil lurks behind the golden ochre door?

Seen on a street in Le Grand-Pressigny.

The temperatures are supposed to be warming up as we approach the weekend, but today looks like it will be cool and damp. Perfect day for a veal stew, blanquette de veau.


  1. A blanquette to keep you warm in body and soul!

    1. Merci, Tim, for your response yesterday about the cat toy with treats inside. I will have to search here to see if they are available!

      Mary in Oregon

  2. That door looks freshly painted. Maybe they picked that color to match the lichens below? We'll have to ask the shadow that as well. In any case, it makes for a very charming scene and a nicely composed shot.


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