Friday, March 28, 2014

International mail

This is a typical individual residential mailbox around here and, I suspect, all over France. Ours is similar, but green instead of beige. When we moved in, our mail carrier stopped to tell us that we needed to get one like this because the old mailbox (which is built into one of the gateposts that flank our driveway) is non-standard. We dutifully complied.

"Stop Pub" means that these people don't want any advertising junk mail delivered. I wonder if it works.

We're picking up a friend this evening who's returning from a trip to the US. I'm sure he'll be glad to be home, at least glad to be off of airplanes and trains. Those trips are long and exhausting.


  1. I only found out fairly recently that the postman or lady has a key that will open all postboxes so that small parcels can be delivered if they won't fit through the slot.
    Which explains why I found a book in ours the other day. It's a very sensible idea. Much better than getting a slip of paper saying that a parcel has been returned to the delivery office because nobody was in.

  2. We're probably the only house on the street that doesn't have a "Stop Pub" sticker. Being somewhat new to the area, I actually look at the local ads... especially the BricoMarché ! I'm sure one day, the novelty will wear off. If only I could filter the ads I want... we get quite the pile of papers.

  3. So why didn't your postman tell the previous owner to replace the "non-standard" post box?

  4. Jean, I agree. That's cool :)
    So, is yours in your door, then? Is that how it works?

  5. jean, I think that's one of the reasons for the standard boxes that they sell in most of the hardware stores.

    stuart, ours doesn't have one, either. We like getting the supermarket flyers. I hated that when I lived in the US, but now I like it. Must be gettin' old!

    starman, the house was unoccupied for a while before we bought it, and prior to that was only a summer house.

    judy, no, it's attached to the gate post with screws. I did it myself!


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