Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bloomin' trees

I know I've mentioned this before, but the early blooming fruit trees, mostly plums for now, are in full flower. I've noticed some other trees starting as well. It will be probably another month before the apples blossom.

Our plum tree(s) seen from out among the grape vines.

This is a variety of plum that Ken planted (from a pit!) in the back corner of our yard a number of years back. Part of the reason he put it here was to hide the electric utility pole that stood outside our fence to the left of the tree in the photo. But that's gone now. There are actually two trees side-by-side. We intended to remove one, but never did. We think that they will eventually fuse together into a single trunk as they continue to grow. Time will tell.


  1. Walt - I'm raking up leaves today in our autumn (fall for you) but your entry to spring looks great.

  2. Leon, we (in the U.S.) call it autumn, too :) We use both words.

    Walt... this tree grew from a pit you guys planted!? Wow!

  3. we have smaller snow piles right now. no green grass or flowers yet; been too cold and wet; the yard is a muddy mess.

  4. That bright side sunlight makes it just glow. It's a wonderful view down the vineyard.

  5. Why would you want to remove such a pretty tree?

  6. leon, I'm looking forward to spring and summer!

    judy, yup.

    anne marie, soon, soon...

    stuart, I'm always taking photos at sunrise or sunset. It's the dog-walking rhythm.

    starman, we're not removing it!


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