Wednesday, March 26, 2014

X marks the spot

These little symbols are everywhere in France. Maybe even Europe, but I don't know about that. They have to do with walking paths, trails, randonnées. The "x" means that you don't go this way. If you are following a trail, you go where the horizontal lines point. The "x" tells you that the trail does not go that way.

X marks the way not to go.

I'm not an aficionado. I don't know what the different colors mean, and I assume they mean something or other. But I've followed a few of the local paths and learned a little about how to read the signs.


  1. Many rural communes have waymarked local trails, and a set of leaflets showing the route, places of interest, viewpoints etc. Each trail is marked with a different colour. That's all. Looking at our leaflets for Touraine du Sud, the colours themselves don't mean anything. P.

  2. Search Wikipedia for "GR footpath" (Grande Randonnée) and you'll get a brief explanation of the red and white marked paths. Looks to be quite the network. According to my map of paths in Amboise, the GR3 passes through here.

  3. Red and White is for the Grande Route which can cross all over Europe; the red and yellow are usually for inside a department only. Sometimes they run together. They are the ancient 'highways', well before the coming of cars and carts.


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