Saturday, March 15, 2014

A cloudy day

After nearly a week of clear skies and warm sun, we're expecting a cloudy Saturday. Already at sunrise the sky is gray and the landscape is foggy. No rain is in the forecast, though, and the cloud layer is supposed to break up by mid-day.

The daffodils in our yard (and all over) are in full bloom right now.

The big news, other than the continuing mystery surrounding the missing Malaysian airliner, is that the high pressure and lack of wind is causing air pollution to stagnate over the big metropolitan areas. Health alerts have been issued, speed limits have been lowered, and public transport systems in Paris, Lyon, and other cities will be free to passengers through the weekend.


  1. no daffys here; more snow is forecasted for monday. :(

  2. It's lovely to have seen the sun for a while and the daffodils coming into flower.
    It's typical though that the nice weather occurs midweek and it clouds up again for the weekend.
    This highlights one of the greatest joys of being retired, being able to make the most of the good weather as it occurs, even if it's only in hanging the washing out !!

  3. What a wonderful shot of the daffodil... lots of nice detail and color in it.
    And as for the air pollution, are there no laws concerning burning yard waste during these periods? It was pretty hazy in Amboise yesterday and I was astounded to see a guy burning a huge pile of brush resulting in huge amounts of billowing smoke. Maybe there's no prohibition by law (or it's not enforced), but you'd think folks would have some common sense. End of rant.

  4. Daffodils are my favorite flower; I miss them being in the Southwest. I've often said I wish to die in the spring, at daffodils season, so I can have some in my coffin. When we plant bulbs in autumn it is an act of faith, a belief in resurrection; that some of us will live to see the spring. And when we die our ashes will be be become brighter spring flowers.

  5. I saw a report on the news last night, showing yesterday's pollution in Paris-- looked terrible! That's certainly not normal.


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