Saturday, March 29, 2014

Last day of winter time

We'll be turning our clocks ahead tonight in preparation for entering Central European Summer Time during the wee hours of Sunday morning. Our bodies are already waking up earlier (as it gets light) and wanting to go to sleep earlier, so the change will be nearly imperceptible.

Pretty purple flowers escaping from someone's garden in Le Grand-Pressigny.

On Friday morning I raked up one of our garden plots and planted spring seeds: radishes, chard, spring onions, spinach, and chervil. We'll see what comes up in a week or so.


  1. As you go into daylight saving, we down under revert back to normal time as Autumn (Fall) begins. Hope you all up there have a great summer. See you in October.

  2. Sweet spring flowers.....In Hungary chervil would self sow under the bushes and be gathered to add to a light broth for a traditional (at least in my family) spring soup.We've had daylight savings time for weeks but blizzards, too.....

  3. Beautiful Spring Flowers! I especially like the reddish gravel next t the green.

    Mary in Oregon

  4. lovely flowers. spring is definitely here.

  5. Raking and planting! Can it really be spring???

  6. how lovely; planting things in the spring time.


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