Wednesday, March 05, 2014

A week of spring-like weather

The week ahead is predicted to be sunny, relatively warm, and most importantly, dry. If the forecasters are correct, our collective spirits will rise a few notches. I'm hopeful that we will be able to get a few outdoor chores done in a few days, if the ground does indeed dry out a little.

Blossoms on a plum tree that Ken planted in our yard a few years ago.

Some of the flowering trees in our neighborhood have started blooming. A sunny week will accelerate the flowering both on the trees and on the ground. I'm planning to get tomato and eggplant seeds started (indoors) in the next few days. I'd also like to have a small section of the vegetable garden tilled up so I can plant radishes, chard, and spring herbs. Let's keep our fingers crossed!


  1. Plum wonderful. I worry that somehow we're going to pay all this warm weather. Although maybe it's just nature's way of making up for not having a spring last year.

  2. lucky you! I want my snow piles to be gone RIGHT NOW!

  3. Walt, just love your photos.

    And be kind to Ken today, as I know you always are. (He turned 65...)

  4. Lovely photo Walt. I just came from my camera club--this shot would have been verrrry well received. BTW, the spring pic is wonderful, too.


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